Wheelchair Accessories

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Explore our diverse selection of accessories for wheelchairs, including leather wheelchair gloves, soft tire covers, colorful push rim covers and matching "Seksi Spokes" spoke wraps, lightweight backpacks, reflectors, lights, and rain protection. Plus, don't miss out on our discounted accessories.

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Manual wheelchair accessories

RehaDesign is all about wheelchair accessories which allow you to enhance your mobility and express your personality. Whether you're seeking practical solutions for everyday use or fun add-ons to personalize your wheelchair, RehaDesign has you covered.

Practical wheelchair accessories: Protect your hands and improve your grip and with our leather wheelchair gloves. Keep your house clean and protect your floors and carpets with our tire covers. Enhance your comfort, grip and style with our colorful pushrim covers and matching Seksi Spokes.

Functional wheelchair accessories: Carry your belongings with ease using our lightweight wheelchair backpacks, offering ample storage and easy access. Stay visible and safe with our reflectors and wheelchair lights, ensuring you're seen in any lighting condition. Protect yourself from the elements with our range of rain protection accessories.

Electric / power wheelchair accessories

Some of our wheelchair accessories are also useful for power wheelchair users, namely:

  • Rain protection
  • Wheelchair lights

Browse our wheelchair accessories catalog today and discover a world of possibilities to enhance your mobility and express your unique style. Shop now and experience the convenience and comfort of our wheelchair accessories. 

Don't miss out on our selection of wheelchair accessories for sale, including discounted grabbers and wheelchair gloves. Find great deals on must-have accessories for your wheelchair.