Wheelchair Rain Gear

RehaDesign’s rain gear for wheelchair users is designed to keep you dry and comfortable during wet weather. Brella Buddy, our hands-free umbrella holder, keeps your upper body dry while allowing you to push your wheelchair. Rayne Shield, our waterproof leg cover keeps your lower body dry. RehaDesign has everything you need to stay protected from the rain while on the move. Browse our selection and make rainy days more manageable

Rain gear for wheelchair users

Rayne Shield leg cover offers quick and easy protection for your legs in sudden rain showers. Choose one of the six attractive colors to suit your style and enjoy dry rides in any weather. It can be put on your legs in seconds and when the rain is over, it folds up and stows in the attached pocket and can be put away in your backpack.

Brella Buddy Wheelchair Umbrella Holder is a must-have accessory for wheelchair users. Made from lightweight water-resistant nylon, the Brella Buddy holds any straight handled umbrella and features a zipped pocket for holding valuables. Brella Buddy allows you to hold your umbrella, strapped to your chest and keeping your hands free to push the wheelchair.

RehaDesign Wheelchair Umbrella is perfect for Brella Buddy. Collapsible, yet extra long to give you more head space when in use. Available in several colors.