Wheelchair Push rim Covers

RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip Wheelchair Push Rim Covers offer an easy solution for enhancing wheelchair comfort and style. They provide improved grip and performance. They cover ugly scratches while adding color and personalization to your wheelchair.

For quadriplegics, our Groovy Push Rim Covers feature tire-like treads which enhance grip. Elevate your wheelchair experience effortlessly with RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip Pushrim Covers.


  • easy installation 
  • improved grip 
  • improved comfort 
  • multiple color options available 
  • in sizes from 20 to 26 inch tires 
  • combine wonderfully with the "Seksi Spokes"
  • Groovy covers offer extra grip for quadriplegics (tetraplegics)

Important: choose the size of the rim covers based on the size of the wheelchair tires. See FAQ below.

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RehaDesign Wheelchair Push Rim Covers FAQ

Q:How do I know what size to choose?

A:Usually the size of the push rim covers correspond to the size of the tires. So, if you have 24 inch tires you will most likely need 24 inch push rim covers. However, rarely, some manufacturers may use unusual sizes. To confirm the size of your pushrims, measure the diameter of your pushrims and see the chart in the product gallery. 

Q:How many push rim covers are included in the price?

A:Each purchase includes two push rim covers.

Q: What hand rim cover sizes and colors are available?

A: Push rim covers for 20, 22 and 24 inches tires are available in seven colors. Groovy, 25-inch, and 26-inch tire push rim covers are available only in black.

Q: Do I need gloves when using pushrim covers?

A:Gloves are recommended for added comfort, especially during rapid descents where increased friction may generate heat. You can order gloves for wheelchair users from our store.

Q: What are Seksi Spokes?

A: Seksi Spokes are spoke covers from RehaDesign that match the color of our handrim covers. You can purchase Seksi Spokes separately or save money with the Seksi Spokes + Handrim Covers package deal.  

Q: What are Groovy handrim covers?

A: Groovy handrim covers are handrim covers designed to provide additional grip for Quadriplegics . They have grooves or treads that increase surface area and improve traction. 

 Q: What sizes are available for Groovy pushrim covers?

A: We carry Groovy pushrim covers for 24 inch tires in stock. However, if you need other sizes, please contact us. Maybe we can help.

Q: How do I purchase Groovy pushrim covers?

A: Click “Pushrim Cover Color” in the drop-down menu above. You can see Groovy below.

Q: How do I clean my pushrim covers?

A:Refer to our instructional video for cleaning guidance tailored to RehaDesign Push Rim Covers on our informational page

Q: Do you ship to my country? How much does shipping cost?

A:We ship worldwide. Shipping costs vary based on your location and will be displayed before finalizing the payment. We offer flat rate shipping, so you can add multiple products to your cart and save on the shipping fees. 

Q: Are wheelchair handrim covers the same as wheelchair push rim covers?

A: Yes, push rims and handrims are often used interchangeably. Hand rim and push rim both describe the hoop next to the wheel that is used to propel the wheelchair.