Pushrim Covers

Pushrim covers are covers for the pushrims of your wheelchair that make it more comfortable, colorful and effective. The pushrim covers come in many colors, brighter colors are recommended during the summer as they reflect light, and darker colors are recommended during the winter because they absorb heat.

Pushrim covers also come in various sizes, ranging from 20inch all the way to 26inch.

Our Groovy Pushrim covers are recommended for people who need extreme grip, such as Quadriplegics and Tetraplegics. They have grooves or treads, similar to the treads on a tire. Due to increased friction, wheelchair gloves are strongly recommended. For any more questions, please read our FAQ.
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(IMPORTANT: Choose the size of the pushrim covers based on the size of the wheelchair tires, NOT the size of the handrims. The size of the wheelchair tires is usually printed on the tire. If you have 24 inch tires, choose 24 inch Pushrim covers)