Wheelchair Tire Covers

Wheelchair Slippers, Wheelchair Socks, and Mud Eaters by RehaDesign keep your home clean. They protect floors and carpets from dirt and damage caused by wheelchair tires. Wheelchair Tire Covers are easy to put on and machine washable.

Wheelchair Slippers and Socks by RehaDesign

RehaDesign offers three types of wheelchair tire covers:

Wheelchair Slippers

Designed for the big rear wheels of manual wheelchairs. They are made from soft, plush fabric with an inner fabric designed to grip to the tires and prevent slippage. Wheelchair Slippers can be effortlessly applied without leaving the wheelchair.

RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers come in two different sizes: small size fits 20 - 22 inch tires, large size fits 24-25 inch tires. Available in beige, blue and purple colors. 

Wheelchair Socks

Designed for the small front caster wheels of manual wheelchairs, Wheelchair Socks are made from the same fabric as Wheelchair Slippers, they come in 7 different sizes and are available only in beige. 

Mud Eaters

Made from water-resistant neoprene for the rear wheels of manual wheelchairs. Mud Eaters were designed for very wet and muddy tires. But they are also suitable for wet hygienic environments such as swimming pools and spas.

Crafted with a special grip interior, our wheelchair tire covers ensure zero slippage and guarantee a secure fit every time. Invest in quality protection for your home and your wheels with RehaDesign wheelchair tire covers.


Wheelchair tire covers FAQ

Q: What size of tires do these covers fit?

A: Wheelchair Slippers come in two sizes. One size fits 20”- 22” tires and the other fits 24”-25” tires. However, some of our clients have mentioned that the larger size also fits 26” tires. Contact us for questions.

Wheelchair socks are made for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 inch casters. Before ordering, measure your casters as shown in the photo. The caster below requires 3 inch socks.  If your caster falls between two sizes (eg. 3.4 inches), round up to the next larger size. Contact us for questions.

Mud Eaters fit only 24 inch tires

Q: Can I use Slippers, Socks, or Mud Eaters outdoors?

A: No, all wheelchair tire covers are made for indoor use only.

Q: Is it difficult to put the tire covers on? 

A: Slippers and Socks are very easy to put on. Unless you have very little hand ability you should be able to put them on by yourself without leaving your wheelchair. Mud Eaters can be put on without leaving the wheelchair too. However, they do require more upper body strength to be put on the wheels. 

 Q: How many covers come in a package?

A: All of our tire covers come two in a package.

Q: How can I clean my tire covers? 

A: All RehaDesign tire covers are machine or hand washable. Use cool water, gentle cycle, air dry. 

Learn more on our RehaDesign tire cover information page