Wheelchair Pets

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Want to introduce some new friends to a wheelchair user you love? Want to have comfortable arm rests and some companionship too? Wheelchair Pets are fun and friendly wheelchair arm rest covers which fit any wheelchair armrest 12 inches (30.5 cm) or less in length. They come two in a package and mount on your wheelchair armrests in seconds by adjusting a simple drawstring.

We would love to introduce you to our furry family of pets:

Hippo (Hippo-po-Tomas and Hippo-po-Tammy)
The hippest hippos in the world right on your wheelchair.

Wally and Wheelie the Pups: Cute dalmatians, with sweets faces and button noses. These dogs are certain to become your best friends.

The Bunny Twins
: Meet the twins and you will immediately understand where the term "cute as a bunny" comes from.

Peter and Pauline Penguin
: These friendly birds will warm up even the coldest wheelchair.

Sunshine and Sunray The Ducks
: Our golden ducks will brighten up any wheelchair.

Mike and Mary Monkey
: You and your friends will go ape for these adorable chimps.

Mr and Mrs Frog: Our frogs are so lovable, you will want to kiss them.


Lion: (Larry and Lois Lion) The King and Queen of your Wheelchair are so realistic you will almost think you hear them pur-r-r-ring.

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