Wheelchair Reflectors

Nighttime visibility for wheelchair users is not given the importance that it should.  Wheelchairs are lower to the ground than virtually everyone else on the road. Compared to cars, bikes and pedestrians, wheelchair users are harder to be seen by drivers.  As a result, the risk to wheelchair users of being in an accident is very high. RehaDesign "Wheels On Fire" Wheelchair Reflectors provide improved visibility for wheelchair users.

  • The flames clip to the spokes, and provide 360 degree reflectivity, in other words, visibility from all sides of the wheelchair. 
  • Wheels on Fire Wheelchair Reflectors use "retro-reflectivity", meaning that light shined on them is reflected back to the source with a minimum of scattering. The reflected beam is bright and visible.
  • The reflectors rotate with the wheel, catching the attention of car drivers
  • The reflectors can be mounted in different patterns on the wheel giving added bling to the wheelchair. 
  • Because the reflectors are lightweight (under 1 gram  each) and attach to each spoke there is no "wheel wobble" so common with normal wheel reflectors.

Set your wheelchair on FIRE with RehaDesign Wheels on Fire!
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