Now is your chance to save money on RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories. All products are top quality. But these are products we have decided to discontinue. All items are being sold for 25 euros INCLUDING worldwide shipping by international post. Because the items will change, it is best to write an email to "Info" At and ask for the list of products currently included in the sale. 

These may include:
* Wheelchair Gloves
* Wheelchair Spoke Guards
* Wheelchair Pets
* Grabbers/Reachers

What do you have to do?
* Write email to Info "At" ask for current "sale" list
* Choose item from list
* Pay by Paypal below
* Send email to Info "At" and confirm what item and size you would like.
Choose your sale item
All Items only 25 euros!! Worldwide shipping included!

REMEMBER! Before ordering, write first to Info "AT" and request the current sale list.