RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves

We at RehaDesign are proud to offer you high-quality wheelchair gloves carefully designed for improved comfort and performance.

You can buy your wheelchair gloves in our online shop, or read on to find out more about each gloves model: 

Ultra-Grrrip Half-finger Gloves: 

Quality half-finger leather wheelchair glove with a grippy palm material. This durable wheelchair glove is designed for improved traction for an active lifestyle and wet weather. Ultra-Grrrip Half Finger Wheelchair Gloves are our most popular model.

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Ultra-Grrrip 4 Seasons Gloves:

These full finger wheelchair gloves are identical to the gloves above, with the same leather and the same grip palm. The only difference is that the entire hand is covered by the glove. These wheelchair gloves are ideal for year round use.

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RehaDesign Gel-Palm Gloves

Same grip palm material as the Ultra-Grrrip gloves above, but there is a gel insert in the palm to help protect the hands from the impact from repeatedly striking the pushrims. The back of the glove is made from absorbent terry material, with a reflective piping built in for nighttime safety.

These gloves are built for comfort and everyday use. For more active use consider one of the two Ultra-Grrrip gloves above.

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Here’s a video overview of the 3 gloves models:

RehaDesign Strap N Roll Gloves

The gloves feature our unique patented design. It was designed for people with limited hand mobility. The glove opens wide so that it is easy to insert the hands and closes with a strap. There are no finger holes so it is easy to insert the hand and the fingers are free to move about.

The palm side the grip is divided into two parts to create a "hinge" effect making the grip close easily and naturally around the push rim. The grip material is made of sturdy textured rubbery material which is designed to improve your grip on the wheelchair pushrim. The palm design is identical for Strap N Roll and Gator Gloves which are described below.

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RehaDesign Gator Gloves:

Similar to the Strap N Roll, but this gloves closes with hook-and-loop (velcro-type) fastener. As a result, this gloves opens extremely wide like the mouth of an Alligator (thus the name "Gator Gloves") allowing the hands to be very easy inserted.

This glove is a bit stiff when you first get it. But like quality leather shoes they become soft and comfortable as seen in this video:

The difference between Gator and Strap N Roll gloves is that Gator gloves are intended for people who can not open their hand very much. Gator wheelchair gloves open very wide to make it easy to insert the hand, and close with a velcro-like closure.

Strap N Roll gloves close with a strap which makes it easier to close. These are intended for people who want to put on their gloves independently.

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RehaDesign Flexi-Fit Gloves:

Soft comfortable, lightweight wheelchair gloves for people with limited hand mobility. Flexi-Fit Wheelchair Gloves are made from soft, flexible neoprene. Flexi-Fit Gloves are intended for comfort and everyday use around the house, but not for very active use. For active use, please consider Strap N Roll or Gator Wheelchair Gloves. 

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Here’s a video overview of the 3 gloves models for users with limited hand mobility:
RehaDesign Children's Wheelchair Glove

The best wheelchair glove for children because this leather wheelchair glove is adjustable and can "grow" with the child's hands. Tough and sturdy to protect the hands, with a grip material on the palm to making pushing easier and yet the soft textile lining on the inside of the glove makes it extremely comfortable.

RehaDesign Children's Wheelchair Glove fits most kids between the ages of 3 and 7 years. For older kids order Strap N Roll Wheelchair Gloves Size XS.

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RehaDesign gloves selection, fitting, and care instructions

To determine your glove size, measure your palm as shown in the photo either in inches or centimeters. 

Then look at the size chart to select your glove size. We stock XS, S, M, L ,XL and XXL in all styles. Note that we do carry  XXXL in some styles but not all. If you require very large or small sizes please contact us by email.

When selecting your gloves, please take into account your hand mobility and intended use. Some of our gloves are designed for everyday casual use only and are not suitable for more active lifestyle:

When your gloves arrive try them on. If the gloves fit snugly, but comfortable, then they are the perfect fit. Use the gloves for several weeks and notice that they “Stretch-to-Fit”.

The quality leather glove is like a pair of quality shoes. At first they may feel a little tight. But in time, they stretch and adapt to your hand. You can expedite this process by applying leather conditioner. But usually it is not necessary. If you are not comfortable with this process, or if your hand size is on the boarder between two sizes, go a size up.

If your gloves get dirty, you can wash them with cool water and mild detergent. Air dry.

If you have any other questions about RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves, you can always contact us by writing a message on our Rehadesign facebook page or by e-mail Info “AT”

We ship our products, gloves included, worldwide. After shipping we send a confirmation email with the order tracking number to the buyer’s email address.

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