RehaDesign wUnderGlow Wheelchair Lights
 designed for safety and FUN!!!

WUnderGlow wheelchair lights are micro-lights designed to clip to your wheelchair seat sling in seconds. They have a rotatable clip which allows you to point the light in any direction. wUnderGlow comes with two interchangeable LED lights.  One LED emits a strong white light beam. The other emits a fun multi-colored "disco-type" light. For an idea of the how wUnderGlow wheelchair light works see the video below:

wUnderglow weighs less than 10grams (0.3oz) so it will not weight you down. If you are not using wUnderGlow at the moment, simply unclip it and stash it in your pocket or back pack. Enhance your night time visibility and your wheelchair with wUnderGlow Wheelchair Lights!

Select the Quanitity of wUnderGlow Wheelchair Lights