Add color and style to your wheelchair!!!
RehaDesign's Seksi Spokes make your wheels come alive with 8 vibrant colors. Seksi spokes wrap over spokes of 23cm (9 inch) length and smaller. There are 72 Seksi Spokes in a package.
How to install Seksi Spokes to your wheels:

1. Cut Seksi Spokes to the length of your spokes. Most 24 inch wheels will not require cutting. Smaller wheels (20 and 22 inch) may require cutting.

2. Open a Seksi Spoke where it is split, with your finger nail or a key.

3. Push the opening onto your spoke.

4. Press down along the length of the Seksi Spoke until it completely wraps around the spoke.

If you have large spokes, such as those on Spinergy Wheels contact us before ordering, because some of the covers may not fit your spokes well.

RehaDesign Seksi Spokes: Not for your granny's wheels!

Want to really beautify your wheelchair? Combine Seksi Spokes with RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip Pushrim covers. You can either choose matching colors for a stylish look, or contrasting colors, for a fun, colorful look. For even more fun, chose "multi-color" Seksi Spokes which include all of the 8 colors.  Read more about RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip Pushrim covers.

RehaDesign Push Rim  Covers
color coordinate with Seksi-Spokes, to really make your wheels shine. You can choose matching colors (example: choose Pink Pushim Covers and Pink Seksi Spokes) or contrasting colors (example Black Pushrim Covers and White Seksi Spokes).  

Buy Seksi Spokes and Push rim covers together NOW and save 8 euros!

RehaDesign Slippers and Socks cover your wheels when you are inside the house to make your wheelchair more attractive and clean. Slippers and Socks are designed to protect your floors and carpets from dirt and stain. But they also look GREAT on your wheels. Read more about RehaDesign Slippers and Socks. 

Wheels on Fire Wheelchair Spoke Reflectors make your wheels shine at night with 360 degrees of reflectivity. 

These reflectors are lightweight and clip on easily for visibility and safety. Read more about RehaDesign Wheels on Fire.
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