Wheelchair Grabbers/Reachers

* On Wheelchair Grabbers/Reachers there is FREE SHIPMENT. The price shown (at the bottom of the page)already includes the shipment.

RehaDesign is proud to offer what we believe are the best reachers / grabbers for Wheelchair Users.  What makes them the best? These are quality reachers which can pick up small items such as a key dropped on the ground as well as large items, such as a jar or bottle on a shelf. We offer two different reachers, both durable and easy to use.

Grip and Grab:
This 32 inch (81cm)  lightweight grabber is ideal for wheelchair users who need to reach a variety of items around the house. The jaws open 4 inches (10 cm). Because the jaws can swivel 90 degrees you can adjust it to pick up almost any shape item sitting in any position. The ergonomic handle makes reaching easy and convenient.

The ideal reacher to pick up heavier items. It is 33 inches (84 cm) in length.  The jaws on this reacher are broader and open 5.5 inches (14cm).  The functional parts including the jaws, frame and the linkage between the handle and the jaws are all constructed from metal making this one of the toughest grabbers on the market. It is sturdy enough to pick up heavier items and yet agile enough to pick up lightweight items.

How to choose? If you are frequently reaching for heavier items such as cans of food and bottles of water get the Grappler. If you mostly need to pick up lightweight items that you have dropped, such as keys, pens and coins or if you want to change the light-bulb on a lamp which is out of reach, you will prefer the ergonomic design of the nimble Grip and Grab. 

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