Wheelchair Rain Protection

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Wheelchair Rain Shield
Are you tired of having wet legs? You are not alone. 84% of wheelchair users we surveyed said that their rain solution did not keep their legs dry in the rain.  The solution? Rayne Shield

On 6 August RehaDesign  will launch Rayne Shield, an innovative solution to help wheelchair users keep their legs dry in the rain.  Rayne Shield is compact and can be easily carried in your purse or backpack. Then when it rains, simply shake out Rayne Shield and cover your legs in seconds.

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Wheelchair Umbrella system
It is not fun to be caught in an unexpected downpour.  Now you can be prepared for all kinds of weather with RehaDesign Brella Buddy Wheelchair Umbrella Holder. The hands free umbrella holder which you wear as a "front pack". The Brella Buddy is made from 100% lightweight water resistant nylon and weighs less than 250 grams (9 ounces). It has a zipped pocket on the inside to hold valuables such as coins or a mobile phone.

Brella Buddy can hold any straight handled umbrella. But a collapsible umbrella is most practical because Brella Buddy was designed with a special pocket just big enough to stow it away as shown in the photo below.

The Square A Sol umbrella is the perfect umbrella for the Brella Buddy because not only is it collapsible, but also it is extra long for extra head room:
Hands-free Umbrella System